DID THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS CONSIDER THE GODS PHYSICAL TOO?Listen now (141 min) | Get my textbook by sending email to: ahatimaat@teachers.org
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ATLANTIS DID NOT EXIST (PODCAST)Listen now (70 min) | Don't believe me? Read why it did not, by clicking link below!
WHO IS MARDUK AND WHY IS BEING A YOUNG BULL IMPORTANT?Watch now (4 min) | Excerpt from a class I taught called, "NIBIRU CONNECTIONS Part. Two"
BREAK THE MATRIX BY DESTROYING ITS SPELLSWatch now (11 min) | Watch TEHUTI's PODCLASS Live Every Friday @7pm PT!
THE SOUL IS A STARWatch now (3 min) | Excerpt from a class I taught about "Where does the BA come from?"
TREE OF LIFE'S ORIGINListen now (46 min) | Addressing once again falsehoods about Kemet
WHEN 2 MINDS CONNECT Watch now (5 min) | ~ TRIBUTE TO AMUNHOTEP RA𓇳𓆣(TEHUTI)𓅜𓍺 by his Scribe Ahati Maat𓂝𓅁
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